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Natalie Morgan-Dew


Natalie is an award winning instructor.(Polexcellence awards,pole world festival,Outstanding teaching award 2018).

She has been practicing the art of Pole fitness for over 10 years.Teaching both Pole and Burlesque for 10 years. she has been performing the art of fire spinning and dance as part of her fire duo act twisted Phoenix for longer and has been dancing all her life. She is an established and talented burlesque performer who has recently placed in various prestigious competitions around the uk. She has a vast amount of knowledge and experience in all movements of dance she teaches.

She has qualifications in pole fitness, anatomy and physiology, pole fabric, stretch and flexibility with Spin City,Aerial Hoop with Xpert training as well General Cheerleading with UKCA, as well as an assistant gymnastics qualification with the BAGA. She is first aid trained and has a full enhanced DBS so is able to teach vulnerable adults and children the art of aerial dance also!


Mizz Twisted Cherry wants to show her clients how much fun and confidence can be built from the

classes she teaches.


Her favourite pole move is the knees as this is one of the moves she wanted to achieve when she first started and worked very hard to get. She also does a signature stocking peel called the Twisted Cherry!


When Natalie isn’t teaching she is usually on YouTube looking at aerial routine or spending time with her dogs and beautiful daughter (the real boss of Mizz Twisted Cherry!)

Terry Morgan

Gymnastics Coach

Terry is a qualified higher performance gymnastics coach in sports acrobatics and a senior club coach in tumbling with the BAGA.

Terry is also a qualified regional judge in sports acrobatics and a club judge in tumbling. He is experienced in coaching and teaching all kinds of gymnastics from toddlers to adults.He Coach's both Recreational Gymnastics at Monmouth Gymnastics club and is a world champion tumbling coach at checkers Gloucester.

His experience spans a gymnastic career over 20 years and is still going strong. Terry has an up to date first aid certificate and a fully enhanced DBS.

He is looking forward to sharing his knowledge within the flexibility classes as well helping others achieve their goals with our adult gymnastic classes.

Jess Watts

Head Instructor Aerial Hoop and Pole Fitness

I started pole fitness in 2011 after being recommended by a friend. Needless to say I was instantly hooked on it and it has been a part of my life ever since!
I started to train other aerial sports, one of those being aerial hoop. Again this quickly became a big love of mine and I started to use my pole experience to experiment with aerial hoop tricks and spins. My favourite pole trick has to be the Allegra.
For hoop I would say the Gazelle. These are my comfort blanket moves!
The strength and flexibility I have gained from hoop and pole has really improved my overall health and mental wellbeing.
Who doesn't want to be strong and happy!!
The girls and guys at Mizz Twisted Cherry are amazing, they support each other and have so much fun whilst doing it.
The social element of these classes is hugely important to me, the group spur you on and motivate you to get that next big trick!
As well as cheering and clapping when you get it!
Nan, our instructor, has such an amazing amount of experience in pole as well as combining her classes with her endless dance knowledge!
You really do get a bit of everything at Mizz Twisted Cherry!
Pole started as a hobby for me and is now an addiction. I need my fix! You really do feel indestructible when you've nailed that pole goal or see a photo of yourself and think wow.. that's me!
Becoming an instructor at Mizz Twisted Cherry is so exciting and I can't wait to have even more fun and achieve more goals with the girls and guys!
If you're feeling hesitant about joining, come and sit in on a class and I'm sure you'll be itching to have a go! If you don't try you'll never know!

Kathryn Cunningham (KC)

I was first introduced to pole in 2012 when I was stopped by the pole girls at freshers fair at Plymouth University. The following day I went to my first lesson and then the social that night, and I was sold. Pole doesn’t attract the typical athlete, through classes at various schools I’ve met all sorts loud, quiet, thin, curvy, confident, nervous kinds of people. Through the pole classes I discovered aerial hoop and it became my first love, I love balances and drops. After bouncing around a few pole studios since graduation, in January 2017 I started with Mizz Twisted Cherry and felt like I’d found something unique. Everyone who goes there is welcomed and encouraged, and pretty much after the nervous first lesson everybody is their weird and wonderful selves. My tricks and flow have advanced more since early 2017 than in the whole of my pole/aerial journey, and I believe that’s more to do with being given the confidence to try them and believing that I have the strength to pull it off. Although we’re never encouraged to do something unsafe, that’s just silly! I was asked to be an instructor in mid-2017 and I consider it a privilege to support beginners in the same way I was when I started at MTC. My favourite part is hearing a complete beginner say ‘I have no upper body strength’ or ‘I’m going to be terrible at this’ and then after an hour they’ve achieved more than they expected and they wear their well earned proud smile. Mizz Twisted Cherry Studios is an eclectic mixture of people who are brand new, hardcore pole addicts, those who are working out the stress on every day life and people who just like to hang out. I dare you to book on and surprise yourself

Emma Keene

I started pole at Mizz Twisted Cherry studios 18 months ago and instantly knew the studio was the place for me! It was amazing to finally find a form of exercise that I not only enjoyed but quickly developed a passion for. I soon expanded the classes I attend to include burlesque and aerial hoop. The studio offers such a fantastic range of classes, I love being involved in as many as I can. I love seeing the progress I make as I build strength and technique in all disciplines. In pole I think the move I am most proud of is my shoulder mount. This move didn't come naturally to me, but I kept working on it and I cannot describe the feeling on pure elation when I achieved it! It will always be a special move to me as it really was a journey but with the help and support of the Mizz Twisted Studio team it made me realise what I am capable of acheiving. I loved every bit and some days I do it just to remind myself what a warrior I can be! Burlesque at the studio bring me pure joy!! It is an art form I have fallen in love with. The confidence I have gained from taking part in classes has made a big difference in all aspects of my life. My favourite genre is probably gothic burlesque when my alter ego 'Sideshow Sally' really comes into her own! I am beyond delighted to become part of the team as a trainee instructor. Every single person at the studio inspires me, whether is it our most experienced aerialists and performers or someone taking a class for the first time. Everyone is on their own journey, it is incredible to see and I am so excited to be a part of it. The Mizz Twisted Studio truely is my happy place!

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